Water Damage Photo Gallery

drying home

Drying Local Home

We use our air movers and fans to help improve the drying process in tight spaces or hallways. This will remove some of the excess moisture in the affected areas and prevent further damage from occurring. 

Water damage

Water Damage Cleanup

Our Equipment

We used advanced cleaning and drying equipment to help restore your home after water damage. This home had air movers placed strategically to promote air circulation and cut the drying time in half. 

Fans on ground needing new flooring

Flooring Removed

Water Damage Process

This home in Placida needed the flooring removed after the kitchen sink caused a leak. To avoid further damage like mold, it was necessary to remove the carpet and dry the floors using fans. 

team member using moisture meter

Moisture Sensors and Meters

Advanced Equipment

The trained professionals at SERVPRO of Englewood/Placida use moisture meters and sensors to find the extent and the source of the water damage. These unique tools help our team members with the water removal and restoration process. 

wall removed because of water damage

Wall After Water Damage

We're Here to Help

The drywall in this home had to be removed because of the extent of the water damage. To safely vacuum and pump the excess water, our team removed part of the walls. Full reconstruction and restoration was possible after the water cleanup. 

fans all over carpet to promote drying

Fans on Fans

Our Equipment

SERVPRO of Englewood/Placida will set up fans and air movers in a specific way to promote optimal air circulation. This air circulation will speed up the drying process, in turn, speeding up the entire restoration process for our customers. 

Team member looking at fan

Trained Professionals

Advanced Equipment

Our team of trained professionals at SERVPRO of Englewood/Placida knows how to operate our equipment. Fans, pumps, vacuums and sensors are used frequently after water damage. Our team knows exactly what steps to take for water cleanup and restoration.